1.How to Register on Elitex

1) Please visit EliteX official website: www.EliteX.io, and click the 【Register】 on the top right side.

2) On the registration page, please follow the instructions and insert your email address,  password, verification code and click button verification (Password is the combination of numbers and letters).

3) Then turn round the Sign In page and you can sign in your account with registered password, verification code and click button verification.

2. How to Deposit to EliteX

1) Log in your EliteX account, please visit: www.EliteX.io.

2)  After you successfully log in your account, please click 【Wallet】-【Deposits】on the left side of the page.

3) Please make sure that you copy the deposit address correctly , otherwise your coins will be lost and not be able to refund.

3. How to Trade

1) Profile of trading page

2) Take BTC/USDT as an example, if you want to use USDT to buy BTC, you can choose trading pair BTC/USDT and click USDT and then click BTC, then it will turn the page BTC/USDT as picture shows:

3) Then you can choose Limit /Market order and trade. If you choose 【Limit】 to trade, you can settle the price to buy or sell as you want. When the market price is waved to your settled price and your open orders will be finished the trading as below.

4) If you choose 【Market】 to trade, you only need to put the quantity to buy or sell and it will be finished the trade as below.

4. How to Withdraw from Elitex

1) Log in your ElieX account, please visit: www.EliteX.io.

2) After you successfully log in your account, please click 【Wallet】-【Withdrawal】on the right side of the page.

3) Add address and Save.

4) Choose withdrawal address , put amount and click button 【Withdraw】.

5) Put Asset Password and Confirm. If you don’t have Asset Password, please go to set.

5. How to create API

1) Log in your ElieX account, please visit: www.EliteX.io.

2) Click 【Person center】 ---API Manage---Create API.

3) Setting GA certification.

4) Bind the GA as below: download the APP of Google Authenticator --scan QR code --keep your Serret key---enter the 6 digital code.

5) Create API successfully.

6. Guide to Staking

1) Sign in your account

2) Click ‘Staking’ to see more details

3) Click on the drop-down box to select, such as IOTEX, and enter the amount and time of staking (according to the platform rules). Confirm that it is correct, and then click ‘Staking’

4) The details of staking and dividend rewards can be seen in the account. The dividend amount paid will differ according to the staking period designated and staking rules.

7. Exchange Q & A

1) Registration and Sign In

Normally the Verify Code will be arrived within 2-3 minute. If out of 5 minutes, still not receive the code in email , please contact customer support  support@elitex.io.

2) Deposit does not arrive

The exchange I am sending to Elitex from shows that my transaction completed, why haven’t I received anything on Elitex?

A withdrawal marked as “completed” or “success” on an exchange does not mean that the transaction has fully processed to the receiving exchange – it simply means that the transaction was successfully posted to the blockchain.

Once a transaction is on the blockchain, it will still take a variable amount of time to confirm and post to the destination exchange. Different blockchains require different amounts of “confirmations” before a transaction is verified.

It is not uncommon for a blockchain to be congested with many transactions, causing unexpected/unusual delays in processing your transaction. You may use the transaction ID (TxID) to follow the status on the blockchain.

If your transaction shows “unconfirmed” on its blockchain, this is beyond our control. You must wait for the transaction to be processed on the blockchain. Once it is included in the blockchain, it will begin to produce confirmations.

If you have sent to Elitex from another exchange but not received a TxID, please contact customer service for that exchange.

Noted: If the transaction is confirmed by Blockchain but not be credited to your Elitex account, please issue ticket and attached:

Blockchain explorer screenshot with the confirmed transaction;

Registration email , coin, txid, deposit address on Elitex .

3)Withdraw to wrong address

Elitex will start the automatic withdrawal process  Unfortunately, there is no way to stop this once initiated. Due to the anonymity of the blockchain, Elitex is also unable to locate where your funds have been sent. If you have sent your coins to the wrong address by mistake, please use other means to try and locate and/or contact the recipient of your funds.

If you have withdrawn your funds to another exchange with an incorrect or empty tag/required description, please contact the receiving exchange with your TxID to organize the return of your funds.

4)How to handle Order Exceptions

1. If your order has not executed:

Please check the price of the open order and verify whether if it has matched counterparty (bid/ask) price and volume or not.

If you would like to expedite it, you can consider canceling the open order and submit a new order with a more competitive price.

2. If you cannot cancel  the order, or coins weren’t credited in your account etc, please issue the ticket and attached:

The order screenshot;

Exception or error screenshot;